About Us

Rep Your Flag is here to encourage people of all backgrounds to represent their home country. We have designed eye-catching sparkling T-shirts and Jumpers that show off your country in an elegant way. The continents are outlined in beautiful clear crystal rhinestones, machine cut to produce a sparkling reflection. Then the country map is outlined in gold rhinestones of a smaller size to highlight the country with even more sparkle. Finally the countries are filled with smaller colourful rhinestones representing the country flag. The rhinestones are fixed on to fine quality black T-shirts and Jumpers supplied by UK brand Continental Clothing.

Rep Your Flag was created 2008, starting off as a hobby for two university students from London. After receiving overwhelming interest and requests from fellow students the website was born. The website has evolved from a showroom of creative flag designs to an online store providing people with a stylish way to show off their home country. The main message we would like to deliver is no matter where you are today and however many achievements you have ticked off, never forget where you came from and Rep Your Flag! So find your flag and let everyone know about it.